My name is Gisela, and I was born and raised in Mexico City.
I moved to Canada 20 years ago and one of the things I miss the most from back home is the exquisite food. The variety and flavours are amazing which I desire everyday. In Canada I found it very challenging to find the products I needed to make authentic Mexican food recipes. My mom (mami) would often visit me here in Canada from Mexico, she would bring products, teach me how to cook and share with me her family recipes from many generations ago. Her food is delicious and since learning her techniques my family and friends have grown to love my own cooking.

It is this reason I wanted to honor my mom (mami) by naming my business Mami’s Recipe. I love to cook and I want to share these authentic Mexican flavours and recipes with everyone to enjoy. My famous salsas are the most popular item I make and can’t wait for you to fall in love with them too. I am excited to also provide and sell products from Mexico so that it is easy for you to make authentic Mexican food as well.